Outdoor adventures: Amanda Jones from US

This week, Amanda Jane Jones will tell us something about her family, their travels and how they are living their life on the move. 

I’m a freelance graphic designer (amandajanejones.com) and my husband, Cree, is a full-time student at the University of Chicago. I specialize in publication design and Cree is currently studying for a PhD in economics. We just welcomed our first baby…a sweet baby girl…in July. Jane Elizabeth Jones. We love being her parents. Sometimes we look at each other, covered in slobber and baby food, and wonder what we ever did before she came. We’re head over heels.

We are totally outdoor people. We just spent the last four years in Michigan in a little neighborhood that sat right next to 14 acres of forest. We’ve missed our daily walks immensely, but have learned to find the outdoors in Chicago. We live right along Lake Michigan, which has quickly become one of our favorite walking destinations. Our favorite place (hands down!) is northern Michigan. Glen Arbor and Sleeping Bear Dunes are some of our favorite summer haunts. A beautiful lake shore, giant sand dunes and gorgeous green rolling hills.

We’re always planning our next adventure and are currently dreaming up something fun for this summer.

As well as enjoying the great outdoors, we really love to discover new things! Jane’s been a trooper. She’s already flown twice and been on multiple road trips in her short lifetime. Cree and I have been married almost 6 years and have moved 7 times. Utah to Philadelphia to Michigan to the Philippines to Washington DC to Geneva, Switzerland and lastly to Chicago…with lots of travel in between. We’re always planning our next adventure and are currently dreaming up something fun for this summer. Right now our top picks are Iceland, Amsterdam and Cape Town.

The picture I’ve uploaded is a good example of some of our adventures. This really was a fun and unexpected day. It was a Sunday and we’d planned to attend a concert up at the university of Chicago. The snow was so beautiful and we were enjoying our walk so much that we just opted to keep walking and skip the concert…typical. :) We just strolled through our neighborhood in Hyde Park (south Chicago) and watched the snowfall. Jane was as warm and cozy as could be in her Bugaboo Buffalo and we just enjoyed one another’s company. We love to take walks and we’re grateful Jane has a warm stroller so we can continue the family tradition through the winter.

It’s important for us that the stroller we have offers us the freedom to keep doing the things we love. In the summer we´re at the beach and in the winter we’re trudging through snow – it’s the perfect stroller for our lifestyle. The Bugaboo Buffalo takes on sand dunes and snow mounds like no other. The wheels make us feel invincible. Some days I don’t know how we’d get around without it. It’s a sturdy stroller made for a family on the go…a perfect fit for us