The Get Lost With Us: Tori Hendrix

This video was made by the marvelous Tori Hendrix of Sitting in a Tree.

A few words by Tori: 

A few months ago I became part of an epic project called Get Lost With Us. We set out with my husband, two year old daughter, two photographers, two videographers and three dogs in an RV for two weeks of travel throughout the American Southwest. A modern gypsy caravan of sorts. Our trip took us from San Diego through Utah, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico and Nevada.

Traveling with a toddler. I get asked over and over again how we do it. We’ve been doing it since Lucca was so tiny that we have a pretty great system down now and luckily she’s pretty go-with-the-flow, but this was the first time we’d traveled with so many other people, sharing an RV, which meant sharing a sleeping space and nap times. Subjecting our friends to all sorts of possibilities that come along with being two.

With so much travel in our lives, we long ago decided that Lucca would need to be able to sleep on the go. And she does (thankfully). Our lifestyle demands it. Sometimes that means pushing her in a stroller for 20 minutes when she wants to be running around. So when people ask me how we do it, it’s truthfully a large part of having a great stroller in our lives. We’ve pushed our Bugaboo through Paris, Marrakech, Amsterdam, and now, the Southwest. The Bugaboo Buffalo was the perfect match for all the terrains we would encounter– national parks, dusty campsites and city sidewalks.

Our adventures don’t stop while she naps. We’ve had her next to us while sipping wine, pushed her around Taos while we all shopped for turquoise, set her up in the shade in Marfa.

Bugaboo has become my secret to traveling with a toddler. And now, the secret’s out.